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The Groomsman – “The Lab’”Deep Cleanse Facial

Elevate your grooming routine with ‘The Groomsman’—a meticulously curated package combining ‘The Lab’ Deep Cleanse Facial with precise waxing for ears, nose, and brows. Tailored for special events, weddings, holidays, or as a self-care treat, this package ensures you look and feel your best on your significant occasions.

Key Features:

Thorough Cleansing: ‘The Lab’ Deep Cleanse Facial delivers a deep and thorough cleanse, revitalizing your skin for a refreshed appearance.

Extractions: Bid farewell to blackheads and acne with precise extractions, leaving your skin purified and rejuvenated.

Chemical Exfoliation: Enjoy the benefits of chemical exfoliation, promoting skin renewal and a healthy glow by eliminating dead skin cells.

2 Bespoke Face Masks: Enhance your facial experience with two bespoke face masks, addressing specific concerns and boosting your skin’s vitality.

Precision Waxing: Complete your groomed look with precise waxing for ears, nose, and brows, ensuring a polished and neat appearance.


Perfect for Special Events: ‘The Groomsman’ package is ideal for special occasions, ensuring you look your absolute best for events like weddings, holidays, or any significant celebration.

Effortless Grooming: Simplify your grooming routine with a comprehensive package that combines facial rejuvenation with precise waxing.

Tailored Self-Care Treat: Treat yourself to a moment of self-care luxury, embracing a refreshed and groomed look for that extra boost of confidence.

Whether you’re stepping into a special event, preparing for your wedding day, jetting off on a holiday, or simply indulging in a well-deserved self-care treat, ‘The Groomsman’ ensures you present your most polished and confident self.

Facials work best when part of an ongoing skin care routine. Ask your Therapist for helpful at home tips for in between your facial.

Procedure Time

90 mins

Treatment Cost

£ 100

Often booked with

Body Facial


Leave skin lotions on the skin for as long as possible to maximise hydration

Back to work



Monthly/6 Weeks/8 Weeks

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