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Do you want your body to feel clean and tidy without the discomfort of waxing? MAN-LAB offer BODY HAIR TRIMMING on any area of the body, even the hard to reach places (including intimate areas).

With precision hair trimming tools and years of body grooming experience, you’ll leave feeling fresh and clean.

It is recommended to get manscaping every 2-3 weeks to maintain results.



TRIMMING Zone 90 (all you can trim in 90 mins – not a full-body trim) * £100
TRIMMING Back & Shoulders £23
TRIMMING Back Only £18
TRIMMING Chest & Stomach £22
TRIMMING Chest ONLY/Stomach ONLY £12
TRIMMING Full Arms & Hands £20
TRIMMING Underarms £8
TRIMMING Full Legs & Feet £25
TRIMMING Half Arms £11
TRIMMING Half Legs £18
TRIMMING Hands Only/Feet Only £7
TRIMMING Lower Back Only/Shoulders Only £12
TRIMMING ZONE 0 / Speedo Line (inner thigh) £10
TRIMMING ZONE 1 / Crack £15
TRIMMING ZONE 2 / Butt £18
TRIMMING ZONE 3 / Butt + Crack £23
TRIMMING ZONE 4 / Sack (incl. shaft) £20
TRIMMING ZONE 5 / Sack + Crack (incl. shaft) £24
TRIMMING ZONE 6/ Bush + Sack  (incl. shaft) £25
TRIMMING ZONE 7 / Butt, Sack + Crack (incl. shaft) £30
TRIMMING ZONE 8 / Bush + Sack + Crack (incl. shaft) £31
TRIMMING ZONE 9 / Full Intimate Trimming (Zone 3 & 6) £35


The maximum trimming session we offer is 90-minutes

*  ZONE 90 Trimming – inform the therapist what areas are a priority so these can be trimmed first as different areas require various times

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At Man-Lab, we ensure that all trimmers and tools are sanitized between each client. Furthermore, whenever we use razors, we make sure to use disposable ones that are used only once. This practice is crucial to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for our clients and prevent the spread of germs and infections.



The consultation will take place before your treatment. We will discuss the manscaping procedure and determine your needs and expectations



We use a medicated talcum powder, to prepare the skin.
(intimate areas are a different process)



We use precision trimming tools, some intimate areas are shaved with sensitive skin safe razor



No aftercare needed. We recommend returning for manscaping within 2-3 weeks to maintain results


What to do before my appointment?

Prepare for your Manscaping session by showering (we will also provide a hygiene wipe to freshen up) and avoid lotions. 

Is manscaping only for specific areas of the body?

No, manscaping can involve trimming or grooming hair on various parts of the body, including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and intimate areas. It’s entirely customizable based on your preferences.

How long does a typical manscaping session take?

The duration depends on the specific services you choose. On average, a manscaping session can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes, but it can vary based on individual needs and the extent of grooming required.

Is manscaping painful?

Manscaping is not painful. We use professional-grade tools and techniques to ensure a comfortable experience.

How often should I schedule a manscaping session?

The frequency of manscaping depends on your personal preference and hair growth rate. Some clients prefer a monthly session to maintain a polished look, while others may opt for a less frequent schedule. Our therapists can help you determine the ideal interval based on your needs.

Can I choose the length of hair I want?

Absolutely! Manscaping is all about personalization. You can discuss your preferred hair length during the consultation, and our grooming experts will tailor the session to achieve the desired look.

What products do you use, and are they suitable for sensitive skin?

We use high-quality grooming products designed for men, and we take extra care to choose products suitable for sensitive skin. If you have specific skin concerns or allergies, please let us know.

Is there anything I need to do before a manscaping session?

To ensure the best results, it’s recommended to shower before your session. This helps soften the hair and make the grooming process smoother. Additionally, avoid applying any lotions or creams on the areas to be groomed before the session.

Can I manscape if I have never done it before?

Absolutely! Manscaping is for everyone, regardless of previous grooming experience. Our experts are here to guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and ensure you’re comfortable throughout the session.

Is nudity involved in manscaping sessions, and how is privacy maintained?

Your comfort and privacy are our top priorities. While manscaping may require exposing specific areas for grooming, rest assured that we maintain a professional and discreet environment. You will be provided with a private space to undress, and only the areas being groomed will be exposed during the session. Our grooming experts are trained to ensure a comfortable experience, and we strictly adhere to confidentiality and discretion standards. If you have specific concerns or preferences regarding privacy,  get in contact before the treatment and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. Your confidence and peace of mind are important to us.

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