Do you want your body to feel clean and tidy without the discomfort of waxing? MAN-LAB offer BODY HAIR TRIMMING on any area of the body, even the hard to reach places (including intimate areas).

With precision hair trimming tools and years of body grooming experience, you’ll leave feeling fresh and clean.

ZONE 0 / Speedo Line (inner thigh) £10
Back & Shoulders £23
Back Only £18
Chest & Stomach £22
Chest ONLY/Stomach ONLY £12
Full Arms & Hands £20
Full Body Top 2 Toe £95
Full Legs & Feet £25
Half Arms £11
Half Legs £18
Hands Only/Feet Only £7
Lower Back Only/Shoulders Only £12
Neck Front or Back £5
Underarms £8
ZONE 1 / Crack £15
ZONE 2 / Buttocks £18
ZONE 3 / Buttocks + Crack £23
ZONE 4 / Sack (incl. base of shaft) £20
ZONE 5 / Sack + Crack (incl. base of shaft) £24
ZONE 7 / BUTT, SACK & CRACK (incl. shaft) £30
ZONE 8 / Pubic Area + Sack + Crack (incl. shaft) £31
ZONE 9 / Full Intimate Trimming £35
ZONE A / Back, Sack & Crack £40
ZONE B / Back, Butt, Sack & Crack £41

Our Services

Male Body Waxing
Male Body Waxing
experienced male therapists, back, neck, shoulders
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Male Intimate Waxing Brazilian
Brazilian, hollywood for men, back, sack crack
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Male Facial waxing
Male Facial Waxing
men’s eyebrow, nostrils/nose, ears
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Men’s Deep Cleansing/Anti-ageing Facial
Man-Lab Facial
steam, black heads removal, facial massage
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Male Intimate Whitening
Male Intimate Whitening
boost your self-confidence, atraumatic, comfortable
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Bookings now open from 3rd December onwards

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