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‘The Lab’ Body Facials

MAN-LAB offer a unique selection of focused body facials that are soothing, deeply calming and relaxing treatments for any man. They can be extremely effective in deeply cleansing and helping to clear up problem areas such as, ingrown hairs, blemishes, acne (acne from gym/exercise, diet or hormonal), clogged pores, dry and dehydrated skin and hyperpigmentation and are designed to be carried out between waxes, or as a stand alone treatment. These ‘facial like’ treatments involve hot towel & deep cleanse, scrub and exfoliation, followed by extractions of blackheads/ingrown hairs, a detoxifying clay /algae mask, finishing with toner and  moisturiser.
Similar to a stress relieving facial, the techniques aim to clear impurities and aid the renewal of healthy collagen and cell production, give a natural lift to skin elasticity and revitalise skin

“The Lab” BACK FACIAL (Back Cleanse & Scrub ) Upto-45 mins  £45

“The Lab” CHEST FACIAL – (Chest/Stomach Cleanse & Scrub) Upto-45 mins  £45

“The Lab” CHEST & BACK FACIAL (Chest/Stomach/Back Cleanse & Scrub)  £70

“The Lab” BACK & BUTT FACIAL (Back & Butt Cleanse & Scrub) Upto- 60 mins  £70

“The Lab” CHEST & DOWN UNDER FACIAL – (Chest/Stomach/Mons Pubis – Cleanse & Scrub) Upto- 60 mins. £70

“The Lab” BUTT FACIAL (Butt Cleanse & Scrub) Upto- 30 mins  £45

“The Lab” DOWN UNDER FACIAL – (Mons Pubis Cleanse & Scrub) Upto- 30 mins  £45

“The Lab” DOWN UNDER DETOX – (Mons Pubis & Butt Cleanse & Scrub) Upto- 60 mins

“The Lab” FULL BODY SCRUB – (Body Polish) Upto-60 mins  £70

The Full Body Scrub is carried out differently from other body facials for more info


Procedure Time

30 – 60 mins

Treatment Cost

£45 – £70

Often booked with

Facial/Manscaping/Waxing or in combination with other Scrubs


Leave lotions on for the duration of the day, shower as normal the evening of treatment.

Back to work



Anytime, particularly recommended in between waxing sessions. Avoid booking your scrub the same days or upto 2 days prior to your waxing session.

Our Services

Male Body Waxing
Male Body Waxing
From Top 2 Toe & Everything in Between
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Aesthetic Face Peels
The Lab Chemical Peels
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Aesthetic Injectables
Anti Wrinkle Injections/Dermal Fillers
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Man-Lab Facial
Relaxing, Deep Cleanse or LED Light Therapy
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Body Hair Trimming From Neck 2 Toe & Everything in Between (including intimate areas)
Alternative to Wax or in Combination with a Wax Treatment
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Male Intimate Whitening
Male Intimate Whitening
Skin Lightening of Your Intimate Areas, Inner Thighs, Underarms & Nipple
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"THE LAB" Body Facials are perfect for gym-goers that suffer from acne. Also book your body facials in-between your waxes if you suffer from ingrown hairs.