After wax products

Using the right after wax products is one of the keys to getting waxing aftercare right. Here’s a list of products you should (already!) be using to take good care of your skin after a treatment.

lycon spray spry

Lycon Ingrown-X-it Solution

A break through spray formula for the face and body. It mildly exfoliates, decongests and helps minimise the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs… To prevent ingrown hairs, read our waxing aftercare guidelines.


BUMP ERAISER Zesty Skin Wash

Ideal for use before and after all forms of hair removal, may it be traditional waxing or sugaring. Thoroughly cleanses the skin, removes excessive oil and preventing the occurrence of ingrown hairs…


BUMP ERAISER Triple Action Lotion

Ideal for hairs that are coarse and strong . Use after wax as the natural extracts and actives weaken already exposed hair follicles…


Bump Eraiser Cool Splash

Ideal for use on the face, neck and chest. Soothes shaving rash and prevents ingrown hairs from developing. Formulated with natural fruit acids…


Bump Eraiser Exfoliating Mitt

A must have in your shower to prevent ingrown hairs .The unique blend of fibres massage away dead skin cells…

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