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Intimate Lightening/Whitening (Anal Bleaching)

Intimate lightening, also known as intimate whitening or anal bleaching, is a popular beauty treatment in which Men can lighten or “bleach” the skin of their intimate areas to create a more even skin tone, lighten or eliminate discoloration and to tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

This non-traumatic, comfortable cosmetic treatment is designed to lighten areas such as – Skin around the Anus and Crack, Perineum, Inner Thighs, Underarms, Nipples. Darkness in these areas is very normal and common amongst men and can occur for a number of reasons. These can include; Friction (skin rubbing on skin, chafing during exercise, weight loss or gain, sexual contact) Skin Genetics, Age (over time, and with age, these areas can become darker) and a number of other reasons. A man’s dark spots and discolouration is made up of a concentration of melanocytes or melanin, which our treatment will aim to break up, and in turn lightening the treated area and rejuvenating and tightening the skin.

Man-Lab uses two different brands of tried, tested and trusted products that are designed specifically for intimate lightening and rejuvenation.


Intimate Lightening Process - What Can You Expect?

Every man’s skin type, skin pigment, colour and sensitivity is different, that’s why we use lightening products with a unique blend of ingredients that are safe to progressively lighten with no down time. We use a number of trusted and result proven products at different acid strengths to cater to all different skin types. Treatments can take from 30-60 minutes depending on number of areas treated and the type of product your therapist will use. Please be aware that everyone’s results are different and your therapist will work with you to achieve your individual desired result.

A difference in the skin tone and texture can be noticeable after 1 treatment, however, a number of treatments may be needed. We suggest waiting 2-4 weeks between treatments and waiting 2-4 weeks after each treatment for optimal results (wait time determined on skin type). In some cases you can also expect some light peeling and sensitivity after your sessions, which is a normal part of the lightening and rejuvenating process. We do like to stress and be clear that as each individual case is very different, we can not offer guaranteed results nor can we offer a definitive answer on how your skin will react individually. If you do have any questions and concerns, please book in a consultation with a Man-Lab Therapist prior to booking your treatment.

Man-Lab also offers package prices for multiple treatments or multiple areas so please contact us as we are happy to cater to your individual requirements.

Before the treatment…

Things to consider:

Allergic Reactions:

History of allergic reactions to substances used in the treatment, such as Kojic Acid, TCA’s, AHA’s, Retinols, etc.

Scarring Issues:

History of problems with keloid scars (raised scars that grow out beyond the original site of the injury) or other types of scarring of the skin.

Skin Conditions and Infections:

Presence of warts, any current infection, hemorrhoids, skin tags, piles, open wounds, skin cuts, or active acne.

Recent Medication Use:

Use of anti-acne treatment Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) within the last 12 months or any other medication that may affect the treatment.

These contraindications are essential to consider to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the intimate whitening treatment. Clients with these conditions should consult with the professional to explore alternative options or discuss their suitability for the procedure.

To prepare the skin you will need to :

  • Wax 3-5 days before (In some cases we can perform the treatment after Waxing but please consult your therapist regarding this) or
  • Shave 1-2 days before

…after the treatment

To speed up and enhance the results, its extremely important to follow the therapist aftercare advice. We suggest – No sport or exercise for 48 hours, no sexual contact for 48 hours, keep the area moderately moist and use wet wipes in place of toilet paper. Clients should also use any aftercare products as directed by your therapist and please contact or text Man-Lab if you have any concerns post treatment.

Once you have achieved your desired result. we suggest one session every 6-12 months.



Consultation to understand the client's skin concerns we will discuss expectations, potential outcomes, and any contraindications.



Cleansing of the skin and a barrier cream



Chemical peel solution evenly applied. The solution may tingle or sting for duration



Neutralization of the peel (if required) Aftercare applied and Post-Treatment Instructions given to the client


When should I remove hair before an anal bleaching treatment?

For optimal results, the treatment area needs to be free from hair. We suggest removing any hair in that area approximately 4-5 days before your session, if using waxing as a removal method. If you prefer depilatory creams or shaving, we advise removing hair at least 2-3 days in advance. Additionally, you have the option to schedule a manscaping session before your appointment if desired.

How long do the results of anal bleaching last?

The duration of results can vary from person to person. Maintenance treatments may be required to sustain the lightened appearance.

Can anal bleaching be done on all skin types?

Anal bleaching can be performed on various skin types

Is anal bleaching painful?

The procedure is generally painless. Some individuals may experience mild discomfort or tingling during and after application, which is typically temporary.

Are there any side effects of anal bleaching?

Possible side effects may include temporary redness, irritation, or itching. It’s essential to follow the recommended AFTERCARE application instructions and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.


Procedure Time

45 -60 mins

Treatment cost

From £250 per session, depending on the product. Contact us for package prices

Often Booked with

Underground Waxing, Overground Waxing


NO hot showers/saunas/exercise for 24-48 hrs

Back to work



Every 2-4 weeks until desired result is achieved, then every 6-12 months to maintain result
Our Intimate Whitening or Anal ”Bleaching” treatment is totally safe and doesn’t even use bleach! We use a professional blend of Kojic Acids, Mandelic Acids and Hyaluronic Acids. These miracle acids are found in both food and cosmetic products and offer a natural and safe way to change the colour of your skin without using harmful lasers.

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