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“The Lab” Super Speed Facial

Indulge in the ultimate quick refresh with ‘The Lab’ Super Speed Facial—a no-fuss, efficient treatment designed exclusively for the man on the go. This facial experience prioritizes a swift yet impactful approach, perfect for those with a busy schedule.

Key Features:

Quick Cleanse: The facial kicks off with a rapid yet thorough cleanse, setting the stage for a revitalizing experience.

Micro Bead Exfoliation: Experience the invigorating benefits of micro bead exfoliation, promoting a smoother and more refined complexion. Bid farewell to dullness as the beads gently whisk away dead skin cells, unveiling a fresh layer of vibrant skin.

5-Minute Bespoke Mask: Enjoy a tailored treat for your skin with a 5-minute bespoke mask. This rapid infusion of nourishing ingredients works wonders in enhancing your skin’s natural glow and vitality.

No Extractions: ‘The Lab’ Super Speed Facial is all about efficiency without compromise. It skips extractions, ensuring a streamlined and comfortable experience.


Quick Refresh: Perfect for a rapid pick-me-up, this facial is an ideal solution for those moments when you need to recharge swiftly.

Effortless Glow: Experience the immediate benefits of a cleansed, exfoliated, and revitalized complexion in just 30 minutes.

Time-Saving: Designed for the man on the go, this facial, with a total duration of 30 minutes, fits seamlessly into a busy schedule without compromising on results.

Whether you’re preparing for an important meeting, or a special event, or simply need a brisk and effective skincare boost, ‘The Lab’ Super Speed Facial is your go-to solution. Experience the power of efficiency and leave with a renewed sense of confidence in your skin.

Facials work best when part of an ongoing skin care routine. Ask your Therapist for helpful at home tips for in between your facial.

Procedure Time

30 mins

Treatment Cost

£ 48

Often booked with

Body Facial / Full Body Scrub


Leave skin lotions on the skin for as long as possible to maximise hydration

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