Sugaring for men is a natural hair removal method that originated in Persia, and is used like traditional waxing to remove hair completely, from the root. Sugaring paste is a simple mix of lemon, water, and sugar melted at low to medium heat until it resembles a candy mix. Once cooled, it can be used the same way as male waxing where you apply the sugar on your skin and hair and then pull to remove the hair.

Sugaring paste that is meant to be used as a “hard wax” or “soft wax”. Like hard wax used in male Brazilian wax, sugaring paste can be applied and then removed by gripping the edges of the applied sugar and pulling away to remove the hair. Sugaring paste can also be undercooked to make a soft wax like sugaring paste. Strip sugar  is applied to the your skin and hair and then removed with strips of cotton muslin or another disposable wax strip.

There are a few differences between sugaring and waxing.

First, a simple sugaring paste has no additives, essential oils, chemicals, or preservatives commonly found in waxes. So if you have had an allergic reaction to waxing or waxes before, sugaring is a great option for you.

Second, any residue left behind after you sugar can be washed off with water. Waxes need to be removed with post wax treatments or with oils.

Third, the sugaring paste is only warm when you apply it to your skin and hair. In comparison, wax is applied hot and removed when it slightly cools. Sugaring paste is a slightly more comfortable way to remove hair because it can be used at a lower heat.


Whether you choose waxing or sugaring for your male hair body removal treatment is up to your personal preferences and what is advised by your therapist.

As a general guideline if  you have a lot of hair, coarse and particularly short, we still recommend to go for waxing as it will be more effective. If you are not very hairy and tend to have very sensitive skin sugaring can be a great alternative.

ZONE 180 (FULL BODY WAX) duration 180 minutes £ 190
ZONE 120 (Multiple Areas) duration 120 minutes £ 140
Underarms £ 15
 Nose £ 15**
 Hands Only / Feet Only £ 15
 Half Back / Lower Back  £ 24
 Full Legs+ Feet / Half Legs £50 / £35
 Full Arms+ Hands / Half Arms £39 / £22
 Eyebrow shape £ 15
 Ears £ 15**
 Chest Only / Abs only £24 / £30
 Chest + Abs £ 44
 Back only £ 34
 Back + Shoulders (Back, shoulders and top of upper arms)  £ 44*

** Available as £ 10 add-on to any other waxing or facial treatment.
* Back and Shoulders – £ 10 off when added to any body waxing.

ZONE 1 / Crack £ 25
ZONE 2 / Buttocks £ 30
ZONE 3 / Buttocks and Crack £ 44
 ZONE 4 / Sack (including shaft + perineum) £ 34
ZONE 5 / Sack (including shaft) + Crack £ 44
ZONE 6 / Pubic Area + Sack  £ 44
ZONE 7 / Buttocks + Crack + Sack £ 58
ZONE 8 / Pubic Area + Sack + Crack £ 62
ZONE 9 / Pubic Area + Sack + Buttocks + Crack £ 68
 ZONE 10 / Speedo Line (Inner Thigh) add-on only £ 15

*10% discount on waxing within 6 weeks is not applicable to discounted add-on prices, packages or in conjunction to other offers .

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