Eye treatments

Men grooming their eyebrows?

Isn’t men’s eyebrow grooming a little, well, taboo?

Despite such reservations, men are taking their eye treatments very seriously, with one in seven men waxing. Men are increasingly turning to specialists and having proper brow shaping and/or tinting to sharpen the look.

Lashes and brows frame the eyes and they have a crucial impact on first impressions.

Make an impact in a glance

Best selling eye treatments:
– Brow shape: from a tidy to getting rid of a monobrow or to a full defined shape
– Brow trimming: as men get older brows tend to grow longer, thicker… and in funky shapes
– Brow/last tint*: to enhance in a subtle natural way the colour of brows or lashes that can be too fair, faded after holidays in the sun or simply to hide grey hairs

*A patch test is required 24hr prior the treatment


Why are we different:

All our team are male beauticians highly specialized in treatments for male clients only. We have found that guys often have their eyebrows shaped in a female salon and are given a female arch, which men don’t naturally have.

Men have a lower and straighter brow line. Brows should be neat and tidy, not too long and bushy and not too short and stubbly.


Procedure Time

15-30 min

treatment cost

£ 15-35


Patch test 24hr before for tinting


Avoid sunlight, saunas, swimming. Some redness is normal, will disappear pretty quickly

Back to work



Every 4 weeks recommended to maintain the look

‘A must for professionals’

What are the benefits:

• Improved confidence in your personal or professional life

• Improved definition of the eyes

• Enhanced of the natural colour of your eyes Good

• Anti-ageing trick : removing some hairs at the lower brow line opens up and instantly lift your eyes making you look less tired and relieving heavy lids. Tinting instantly removes the ‘silver fox’ look

Eyebrow tinting can take no more than 10-15 minutes – quick and easy
Tinting your eyebrows is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just lay back, relax and your brow technician will work their magic. It can take up to no more than 15 minutes, and eyelash tinting can take no more than 20.
What’s even more impressive, the effects can last for up to 4 weeks!
We go a shade lighter than the natural brow hair so it looks as natural as possible. This approach follows the current move towards a subtle use of colour, not necessarily to get rid of all the grey, but take the punch out, so you can still see grey hair but less of it.

Makes lashes look fuller

Tinting on eyelashes can make them look fuller, if your lashes fade towards the ends it can also make them look longer!

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